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  Shiyan Yangdi mould co., LTD is a trade and industrial processing and manufacturing company, which is responsible for the mold, fixture design and manufacture of mold division was established in 2001, the members are engaged in casting die design for many years, worked at China's well-known large-scale mold enterprise, shenyang mitsubishi 4 g6 cylinder, China hosted developed, jiangling 4 jb1 diesel V6 and V8 cylinder cylinder head, dongfeng Honda, steering knuckle, Honda camshaft and other mold; Toward the wood block 6102 b has been devised a full set of jig, fixture and drilling machine, the wood is ALZ6110 cylinder body of a complete set of jigs, tianjin PERKINS, six cylinder body under a full set of three plus 4 vl cylinder head fixture and wuhu core jig (gravity casting) fixture, etc.

  Our tooling department since its inception, has for dongfeng company casting foundry plant, a factory, dongfeng company Huang Shidong .

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